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LiL’ Ballers Lacrosse (LBL) was founded by Peter Murphy with a very basic mission in mind: to introduce lacrosse to more boys and girls, show them the correct way to play the game, and bring some fun back to youth sports. LBL will help players of varying skill levels develop a love for lacrosse while instilling the fundamentals needed to be a  successful player. We also want our players to learn to think for themselves, knowing the "why" is often as important as the "how" in terms of development. At LBL, we stress both concepts and fundamentals, then play weekly games. LBL's 3-on-3 lacrosse leagues and camps are open to boys and girls (ages 5-12) across the skill spectrum. 

At the heart of the LBL model is the belief that youth sports should be about 1) fun; 2) health; 3) socialization; 4) development; and 5) competition. League and camps are open to both experienced players and those that are new to the sport. The 3-on-3 structure incorporated by LBL is a great vehicle to teach lacrosse because it focuses on stick skills, reps, and key 2-player and 3-player concepts/games that are prevalent within lacrosse offenses at all levels. Importantly, our 3-on-3 league aims to put some of the fun back in youth sports, without compromising the level of instruction. Each season, players in the LBL program will receive high-level coaching at practice and then have the opportunity to showcase their moves during games. Less Pressure. Less Stress. More Action. More Fun. Great Lacrosse Education! Come join the action at LiL' Ballers Lacrosse!


Summer Lax Camp 2021

Please Stay Tuned for Camp Dates & Details Coming in February!

Open to Boys and Girls ages 5 to 12 across the skill spectrum

Boys checklist: Helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, cup, stick, mouth guard, sunblock, water bottle (filled)
Girls checklist: Goggles, stick, mouth guard, sunblock, water bottle (filled)

3-on-3 lax summer leagues

Please Stay Tuned for League Dates & Details Coming in February!

Open to Boys and Girls ages 5 to 12 across the skill spectrum

Boys checklist: Helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, cup, stick, mouth guard, sunblock, water bottle (filled)
Girls checklist: Lacrosse goggles, stick, mouth guard, sunblock, water bottle (filled)

Request Info About LBL's 2021 Lax Camps!

LBL's Summer Camp

Immerse yourself in lacrosse for a week and see the benefits of focussing on a single sport/activity. Our experienced coaching staff combines drills and gameplay to create a fun and challenging learning environment for our campers.  Opens to boys and girls ages 5-12.

Request Info About LBL's 3v3 Leagues

Practice/Play Model

Open to Boys & Girls (Ages 5-12)

LBL's 3-on-3 Lax Leagues

A great learning opportunity with 2-hour sessions split equally between training and gameplay. Players build a strong fundamental skill base and then have the chance to show their stuff during weekly games. With short fields, high reps, high-level coaching, and non-stop action, LBL's 3-on-3 model is ideal for development. 

Why play 3-on-3 vs. full-field lacrosse?

Why 3-on-3? Players will develop their stick skills by getting more touches playing in groups of three on a shortened field. Our LiL' Ballers' fundamentals will improve over the season, as will their Lacrosse IQ. Our players will leave with a firm understanding of the triangle concepts, motion, and balance that are prevalent throughout lacrosse offenses nationwide and at the heart of LBL's 3-on-3 league. More reps, knowledge, scoring, and fun. 3-on-3 Lax, LBL style.


LBL will host Free Lacrosse Clinics throughout the year to introduce the game to more kids.

If your child, school, or team is interested in a Free Lacrosse Clinic, please email Coach Murphy.

Common Questions Asked About LiL' Ballers Lacrosse

Here are some answers to questions you might have. Please feel free to contact Coach Murphy with any inquiries.

Athletic Skills That Translate to the Lacrosse Field

Are you unfamiliar with lacrosse? Are you wondering if the sport is a good fit for you son or daughter? Here is a quick snapshot of some of the skills that translate.


Peter Murphy

LiL' Ballers Lacrosse

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